Toddler Room Ages 0-2

Welcome to the Infant-Toddler Room. Our children are introduced to the Nimipuu “Nez Perce” Language or Nimipuutimt, at infancy.  We are honored to have elder, master speakers to instruct all of our classrooms.  Our primary focus with this age is teaching language and these little ones pick it up fast! Primary language focus: friends’ and teachers’ names, foods, family, seasons, shapes, colors, counting, and communication skills.

We incorporate the Zoo-Phonics Program with an emphasis on letter sounds. We teach the names of the animal letters along with the movements assigned to each letter. We do the songs and chants and follow up with extension stories and arts and crafts. Everyday is a great day to go on an alphabet-zoofari!!  🙂

Basic Greetings you will hear upon arrival to our toddler room:

Ta’c Maywii-Good Morning

Ta’c Hala x p-Good Afternoon

Ta’c Kuleewit-Good Evening