Preschool Room Ages 3-6



Welcome to the Preschool Room! We believe play and exploration is the vehicle of learning for our kids.  We provide lots of games and active play to build relationships and skills necessary for children to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

Our preschoolers learn the concepts they need to know to read, write and count. Expressive language is encouraged.  Our classrooms are full of life as our kids are encouraged to develop their own special interests in topics through story, song, and play. We promote peer-teaching of variety of topics and skills.

We coordinate with local educators who specialize in a variety of areas.  We offer cultural learning activities through language and dance performances, family dinners and exhibits put on by our children in the preschool room.   Our kids are involved in a variety of community projects to showcase what they learn throughout the year.

Tiny Tots Learning Center also offers an after school program.